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A tale from our core book pack

Farm 123

  • Read the book to your child
  • Encourage your child to lift the flaps
  • Together, have a guessing game – which animal is behind each flap?
  • Count each set of animals with your child
  • Talk together about your favourite animal in the book
  • Count together the animals at the end of the book
  • Can you make the noises the animals make
  • Talk together about the meaning of the word ‘speckled’
  • What is the biggest number?

Beyond Farm 123

  • Which animal would you like to see at the farm?
  • Together, find out some facts about hens.
  • Can you jump like a rabbit?
  • Can you pretend to be some of the other animals in the story?

Useful Websites for Farm 123 story


Youtube – Farm 123

Youtube – Baa Baa Black Sheep song