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A tale from our core book pack

Rosie’s Walk

  • Read the story to your child
  • Together, find these things in the pictures: milk churns, a pear tree, a goat, a bird’s nest with eggs in it, a butterfly, a bird, two frogs, two mice, a windmill, bags of corn, a spider’s web, a grasshopper.
  • Talk together about what is happening on the pages with no words.
  • Who is the goody and who is the baddy?
  • Does Rosie see the fox?
  • Why does the flour fall on the fox’s head?
  • Who chases the fox?
  • What does Rosie get back home in time for?
  • How does the story end?

Beyond Rosie’s Walk

  • Where do bees live and what do they make?
  • Using the Rosie in your pack, take her on a walk in your house and describe where she is using positional language? For example, ‘Rosie is under the table’; ‘Rosie is behind the chair.’
  • Together find out some facts about foxes.

Useful Websites for Rosie’s Walk story


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