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A tale from our core book pack

Shark in the Park

  • Read the story to your child
  • What is the brand new toy?
  • Encourage your child to join in with the repeats: ‘Timothy Pope, Timothy Pope is looking through his telescope,’ ‘There’s a Shark in the Park!’
  • Can you act out the actions in the story together?: ‘look at the sky, look at the ground, look left and right, look all around’
  • Talk together about the things that Timothy sees
  • How does the story end?

Beyond Shark in the Park

  • Using the paper in the pack, together roll it into a tube shape. Use the sticky labels to hold it together. Now you have your own telescope – what can you see through it?
  • Can you copy Timothy’s actions looking up, down, left, right and all around?
  • Find out some facts about sharks
  • Talk together about going to the park
  • Does your park have a pond?

Useful Websites for Shark in the Park story


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