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A tale from our core book pack

Whatever Next!

  • Read the story to your child
  • What did the bear use for a rocket and where did he find it?
  • Where did he go?
  • Who would you take with you to the moon?
  • What did he take with him?
  • Can you see from the pictures what time of day it is?
  • Who did they meet?
  • What did the bear think of the moon?
  • How does the story end?

Beyond Whatever Next!

  • Pretend to go on a rocket trip in your house.
  • Have a pretend picnic with your toys
  • Can you find a helmet?
  • Together, find out some facts about owls.
  • Can you make the noise an owl makes?
  • Look up the word ‘nocturnal’ together

Useful Websites for Whatever Next! story


Youtube – Whatever Next story

BBC Bitesize – Owls

BBC Cbeebies – Teddy Bear’s Picnic nursery rhyme

BBC Cbeebies – Zoom Zoom Zoom song