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A tale from our core book pack

Where’s Spot?

  • Read the story with your child and let your child lift the flaps.
  • Can you and your child count how many spots are on Spot?
  • Can you and your child count how many spots are on Spot’s mum? Who has more spots?
  • Ask your child to name each animal and describe where it is hiding for example, ‘The hippopotamus is hiding inside the piano,’ ‘The monkey is hiding in the wardrobe.
  • Use positional language, eg: say to your child ‘The snake is inside the clock.’; ‘The lion is under the stairs.’
  • Can your child make the noises of each animal? Make the animal sounds together.
  • Can you count the penguins in the box together? How many are there?
  • Can your child predict which word is in the speech bubble by the end of the story?

Beyond Where’s Spot?

  • Using the Spot picture in your pack, can you put Spot in places in your house and use positional language to describe where he is? Eg: ‘Spot is on the table’; ‘Spot is behind the cup’; ‘Spot is under my hand.’
  • Can your child hide Spot or a cuddly toy / teddy bear and then describe to you where he is?

Useful Websites for Where’s Spot? story


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