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My name is Severine. I am a qualified teacher with over 15 years’ experience in Early years education.

The letter “V” in PreciousV stands for “La vie” which means “life” in French. We feel it is a great honour to work with young children as we truly believe they are precious gifts who need to be nurtured well from an early age. We aim to instil great values such as respect and tolerance by celebrating diversity but also transfer skills for life such as good manners and positive social interactions. We know that in every child, there is a champion who is often waiting to be awakened.

It is PreciousV’s vision to provide a safe, secure and joyful learning environment that enables children to grow and excel. We want every child who steps through our door to develop confidence, independence, eloquence and kindness while maximising their full potential.

Our activities are planned according to the EYFS framework where Play is at the centre of our daily routine. Our aim is to engage children, enabling them to display their uniqueness through exploration while developing concentration and critical thinking.

We want to transfer our passion for stories to enhance children’s imagination and our love for creative activities such as music and role play to improve their communication skills. Mark-making will be the key to develop pencil grip. Children will learn counting through fun games and songs. We will use our natural environment to understand our world. By the time they are ready to take the next step into their learning journey, children will be inquisitive, sociable, eloquent and adventurous.


Ofsted registered
Childcare Level 3
Paediatric First Aid
Child Protection
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